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The big difference

I’ve got to flesh this idea out a bit more, but I think I know where “The Turn” is.

The realization that the actual difference between the nations collectively known as “The West” and the middle-eastern nations that are actively engaged in an existential war with them is simply this:

The belief in Individual Human Moral Agency.

Even before the existence of Islam, Middle Eastern thought has been “whatever God wills”. We see this now in the reports from out military trainers. Arab fighters will just fire wildly in the general direction of the enemy. When confronted about it, they reply “Allah guides my bullets.”

The same thing was seen with what happened to all the oil infrastructure once western nations turned it over to local control, and they did no maintenance. “Inshallah” – God wills it.

And ultimately it’s why we’re seeing roving gangs of middle-eastern rapists all over Europe. An imam in Australia justified the rape of uncovered women by comparing their situation to that of a cat encountering uncovered meat. The argument essentially boiled down to “men cannot be expected to sublimate their sexual impulses, so uncovered women cannot expect to be left alone.”

All of this: “Inshallah”, “Uncovered Meat”, the lot. Arab culture does not accept, acknowledge, or grant the existence of Individual Moral Agency.

THIS is why they attack us. It’s not because of gods, or cultures, or anything else. It’s simple animal instinct. “That tribe is on resources I want, so we shall go and kill them”.

And that’s why we can’t seem to get anywhere. We think that we’re going to pound some sense into their heads and eventually they’ll get sick of attacking us. But they won’t, because they do not believe in Individual Moral Agency. They cannot conceptualize it.

Individual Moral Agency is what allowed The West to go to the moon while everyone else sat on Earth picking their toes. And those who do not comprehend it are trying to wipe it out.

Why it’s pointless to try to win an argument with a progressive

Win an argument with a progressive on Facebook, get a 12 hour ban.

This is how they work.  They are free to insinuate, accuse, lie, insult, attack, belittle, and harass anyone with impunity.

And when you dare to point out their lies, correct their errors, or destroy their argument, they report you and you get blocked for violating the “community standards” and there’s no appeal process at all.

So from now on, any time a progressive starts with the attacks or lies, it’s reported for hate speech.

No more mister nice guy.

How medical care ought to work

I got some kind of wierdness going on with my foot. Bug bite? Sprain? Alien?

Well, I could try to get in to see my doctor, but that’s gonna take a week or three. By then, this alien is going to have burst out of my foot and left me down a leg.

I could go to the ER, but this isn’t really an emergency, it’s gonna cost like sin, and I’m gonna be taking up resources that someone who’s really fucked up should be using.

Enter the walk-in clinic.

Now, my insurance is a high-deductible kind of thing, so this isn’t a co-pay and out thing. I’m paying cash.

$105, I was in and out in 15 minutes. Diagnosis: some kind of infection. What kind? Who cares. Prescription for an antibiotic (picked up for free at Stop & Shop).

Whatever it was, it’s shrunk, it doesn’t hurt that much, and it’s not bright red.

Which means it wasn’t an alien, so I’ve got that going for me.

But here’s what I don’t get – people seem to think that $105 is a ridiculous amount of money to pay a professional for his time. I pay this every year to get my furnace cleaned. Clearly there’s some kind of mental disconnect afflicting people when it comes to paying for medical care.

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Well, if you’re running VMWare ESX, your virtual machines might not.  (If you’re just looking for a quick answer on why your clock drags ass, remove your virtual floppy drive.)

Allow me to elaborate.  I am not slagging on VMWare.  They make some incredible stuff.  But they are trying to simulate a system that contains thirty year old kludges.  Some of those kludges cause very wierd things to happen.  One of those things involves time.

VMWare has an excellent paper on timekeeping in virtual machines.  The specific problem that I ran into is a side-effect of what they refer to as “tick-based timekeeping”

Dig this: Running the Universe database in a Windows 2008 virtual machine, we noticed that scheduled tasks were being missed.  We here is really me, but we sounds better since this was for one of my clients.  Anyhow, the task scheduler is something I wrote.  It runs through its internal task list at the top of the minute, and runs whatever is appropriate for the minute.  Works a lot like good old cron.  Specifically, it uses the Universe Basic SLEEP command to sleep for 10 seconds, and checks if its at the top of the minute.  The reasons for this weirdness are something you understand if you work with Universe.

So, it’s missing jobs.  No clue why.  The clock seems to drag a bit, and then catches up. I wrote a test program that would SLEEP for thirty seconds, and then print the time.  And here’s what I wound up with:  Sometimes SLEEPing for thirty seconds would take a minute and a half!  Essentially, it would occassionally SLEEP through its alarm call.

So now you’re wondering “hey, how is that possible?”.  Remember that white paper I linked that you didn’t read?  It’s all about the ticks.  I don’t know how, precisely, the Universe SLEEP command works, but I’ll bet real money it counts ticks.  And when the tick counter goes wacky, so does SLEEP.

In the process of googling, I found all sorts of ways that time could drag, but none of them were my problem.  So I did what I usually do when I can’t find an answer.  I go easter egging.

In my lab, I created a new VM with only one CPU, just enough RAM and disk, and a single NIC.  I installed the OS and Universe.  Then I ran my little test program.  And SLEEP took precisely the right number of seconds every time.  The only differences between this VM and the first one were the number of CPUs and a floppy drive.  So I shut down my other Universe-hosting VM, and removed the floppy (more on why that became the obvious choice in a moment).  Restarted it, and SLEEP worked perfectly.

So now, you’re scratching your head.  How can a floppy drive, a VIRTUAL one, no less, cause clock problems?  We go back to the white paper.  VMWare detects if something needs ticks, and provides ticks to the virtual machine.  But they acknowledge that the ticks don’t necessarily come in a continuous stream, and some things might not handle getting a whole stream of ticks at once when ESX tries to catch up.  This is why the clock bounces around so much.  It also explains why Universe freaks out.

In the final analysis, VMWare sees the floppy drive, and decides that the VM needs ticks.  Take away the floppy drive, and it uses one of the more accurate tickless timers.  This goes all the way back to Windows 98, when the guys at Microsoft figured out how to make a floppy drive know a disk had been inserted or changed without actually reading the disc.  But the floppy drive generates interrupts, and the routines for dealing with it use, you guessed it, ticks.

So, the lesson learned is this – simplicity good.  If you don’t need it, then don’t attach it to your VM.  And with the hardware set that VMWare provides, you probably don’t ever need a floppy drive to install your favorite operating system.

Fuck Valentine’s Day!

It’s on, bitches! We now have commercials (in the UK anyhow) suggesting violence be done against men if they “forget” Valentine’s day.

Go watch the commercial. Then ask yourself what would happen if a man walked into his wife’s office and slapped her face because she forgot his birthday or something equally trivial.

This shit has GOT to stop. This stupid fucking “Hallmark Holiday” needs to be killed and buried. And then we can get around to adjusting the attitude that some women seem to have that they can slap men around with impunity.

h/t Da Goddess.