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On the importance of defeating Malloy

I always talk about chess, how about we play some?

Let’s start with the board set thus: Malloy has won, and the Democrats retain control of the Senate.

Their opening move: get rid of the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners and make Connecticut a strictly may-issue state. No, you won’t be “suitable” either.

What’s our counter-move? Impotent rage?

Their next move: yearly permit renewals, subject to “suitability”.  No, you’re not “suitable” any more.  Because.

And we don’t have to go any further. And within two years of that going in to effect, the number of permits in CT falls through the floor.

Do I have your attention now, fence-sitters?


Vegas has to be shitting itself right now.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  The New England Patriots had a date with destiny.

And they got stood up.  Destiny went home with the New York Giants tonight.

I take back everything bad I ever said about you Eli.  I should have had faith.

Lesson: Nothing is inevitable.

Final score – New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14.

OK, Maybe I was a little to hard on Eli

Actually, no.  I stand by everything bad I’ve said.

But there is nothing I can or will say to take away from the football that Eli and the Giants have played the last three weeks.  The difference?  The offensive line kept Eli calm.  A calm Eli is a proficient Eli, it seems.  It helps when the star receiver finally finds his hands and holds on to the football.  Tends to increase a QB’s confidence.

But there’s been a lot of good football the past few weeks.  Going toe-to-toe with New England, and holding them to a field goal.  -2 yards offense in the first quarter, then coming back to absolutely dismantle Tampa.

And then Dallas.  Dad was getting a little bummed when Dallas was on the offense for 10:28 in the second, going 90 yards for a TD in 20 plays.  I figured hey, leave that offense out there, get them tired.  Dad: “But it’s 14 unanswered points!”   Then Eli lights it up.  46 seconds, 71 yards, Touchdown!   Fast forward to the fourth quarter.  Two three-and-outs.  Dad’s now convinced that the Giants are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  The Giants are up 4, so Dallas needs a TD to get anything.  That offensive line is tired.  And the Giants finally figured out how to get through it and get to Romo.  He’s clearly shaken.  And then it happens: interception in the end zone.

And the New York Football Giants are going to the conference championship!

Here’s hoping they can keep Eli calm for two more games.

When, Tom? WHEN?

How many more games does Eli have to drop before you finally sit him down?  Huh?

Seriously – I’ll give you that the wind was a bit out of hand.  And maybe Toomer could use better gloves.  But Eli threw garbage tonight.  Passes batted down.  Passes to nowhere.  Passes into triple coverage.

The Giants will continue to underperform so long as Eli Manning remains Quarterback.

On hockey, and the not playing thereof.

Went to see the Hartford Wolfpack “play” hockey last night. I put play in quotes, because while they were certainly attired for the game, play is what they did not do.

There does not appear to be any cohesiveness to the play. Dropped passes abound. Missed opportunities rule the day. Nine times on the power play, and no goals scored. 0 for 9. Bupkes.

It appears to me, from Row N, that there’s just no communication or chemistry between the players on the line. Hartford lacks “wanna”. They don’t wanna be champions, it seems.

Maybe they just need to work out the kinks. There’s a lot of new blood on the team this year, most of it under the age of 21. I don’t know what’s happening in New York, but I imagine that the Rangers have pulled most of last year’s talent up to the bigs because they were a hurting unit themselves.

Is this what happens to the minor franchises when the major league team is in a shambles? Hopefully they can rebuild. We shall see.

Now that you mention Coach Coughlin

Someone please take the coach aside and tell him to pull Eli Manning. Please!

Eli, you’ve got potential. I’ll give you that. But you gotta stop throwing the INT.

3 interceptions in a playoff shutout isn’t gonna look good on the resumé.

23-0? Coming off an 11-5 season, you’d expect that the Giants had SOME OFFENSE. Or not. The season was a mixed bag. Blowing a field goal attempt in the last seconds of regulation, and then missing two more in overtime to lose to Seattle? Allowing 2 special teams and one defensive touchdown against the hapless VIKINGS? The Vikings had 137 yards of total offense AND THEY WON 24-21.

So, given the fact that the Giants should have been 13-3, I was still surprised to see them get to the Wild Card. There were games where the Giants were absolutely brilliant. And then there’s days like today.

Stick a fork in the NHL

It’s done. An interesting experiment in regulated monopolies is coming to a close. I find it moderately amusing that in an open capitalist society, we have no competing sports leagues. There is one baseball league (MLB), one football league (NFL), one basketball league (NBA), one hockey league (NHL). Sure, there are the various farm leagues, and college sports, but I’m talking about top-level professional sports here.

So, in order to keep a league healthy, and attracting audiences, something needs to be done to keep competition between the teams. And what is done? Socialism! Why? Because competition in the stratified world of team sports would cause the best funded teams to totally OWN the least well funded. Of course, socialism in this context is perfectly acceptable, but it’s probably the least efficient way to run a business.

The NHL players and owners are unable to compromise on some form of redistribution that would keep all the teams of the league relatively level, thereby maintaining competition between them, and tension. Who wants to watch Hockey every year if the Stanley Cup champion is always the same?

So, the lack of REAL competition, combined with the whiny cry-baby attitudes of a bunch of people who are compensated entirely too richly for PLAYING A FREAKIN’ GAME, has led to this.

Oh, well. I guess there will be other things to watch this winter.