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How Libertarianism is precisely like Communism.

I concluded a long time ago that Libertarianism suffered from the same critical flaw as all of the various statist ideologies.  I just hadn’t come up with a way to explain it that didn’t take eleventy hours.

Until now.

First off, before you have an aneurysm, I’m not saying that the ideologies are similar at all.  The flaw is not in the ideology, at least not the flaw I’m talking about.  It’s a fundamental flaw, rooted in the most basic assumption upon which both ideologies are built.

That flaw is the belief that humans are perfectible.  Humans are tribalistic by nature, and there’s no way around it.  Communists think they can eliminate “class” and create a homogeneous society.  Libertarians think that everyone can coexist peacefully in a purely cooperative society.

And the reason they are both wrong is that tribal behaviors are emergent.  Put a large enough group of humans together, and they will factionalize.

This is why the strict Constitutionalist arguing against the existence of political parties is pissing into the wind.  It’s why Stalin’s “New Soviet Man” never came to be.  It’s why the modern Progressive movement keeps eating its own.

The brilliance of the Founders was that they knew parties were going to happen, even though they wished fervently against them.  Which is why the government was kept weak.  And it’s why the only form of governance that’s stood the test of time is some form of Constitutional Republic or Constitutional Monarchy.  And when the emergent factions decide to set the Constitutional limits aside, it collapses — as we are seeing in the US now.

You create a form of government that fails to account for human nature at your peril.  You can’t subvert thousands of years of evolution with platitudes and ideology.

Science, motherfucker! Do you speak it?

The left is always droning on about how they “love science”. Well, let’s put that to the test, shall we?

Science is, at its core, the search for “how”. Science doesn’t care why, only how.

The Scientific Method works thus:

  1. A thing happens.
  2. The thing is observed.
  3. A hypothesis is formed as to how it happened.
  4. An experiment is created by which the hypothesis may be tested.
  5. A result is reached.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until a statistically significant measurement of the validity of the hypothesis (yes or no) is achieved.

If the result of this method does not support the hypothesis, then the hypothesis is set aside, and you return to step 2 to observe some more.  If the result does support the hypothesis, you ask others to attempt to repeat your results. If they fail, you go back to step 2.

Only once your hypothesis has been confirmed, and your results have been replicated can you begin to claim you have something that rises to the level of theory.

Now that we have the scientific method in a nutshell, let’s tweak it a little for political and social phenomena.

  1. A social ill is identified.
  2. The social ill is discussed and studied.
  3. A policy to correct said social ill is proposed.
  4. Said policy is put into effect and enforced.
  5. A result is obtained.

Now, if that result is the reduction of the social ill, then the policy can be called successful.
If the result carries with it new social ills, or the exacerbation of other existing social ills, then not so much.  This can be chalked up to a poor experimental design, or one that didn’t eliminate enough variables.

And if the result is either no improvement or things get worse, then the policy is a failure.

Where politics departs from science is what happens when the result does not support the policy.

If the response is the further enactment of similar policies, then it can be inferred that the actual desire is not to ameliorate the social ill, but to exacerbate it.

Which brings us around to one of my pet bugaboos — gun control.

Our friends on the left tell us that more gun control, and perhaps even a broad confiscation of private firearms is just the thing to get us to nirvana.  They point to England and Australia as shining examples of how well gun control works to prevent “gun violence”

And when you point out that more people are murdered with guns in both places now than before the gun bans, they change the subject.

I think we can safely assume that the left do not “love science”.  No, they just want meaningless sex.

Communism and Libertarianism are a lot alike.

How?  Simple.  They both fall apart as soon as they meet Humans.

The false assumption underlying all collectivist beliefs is that Men will willingly give up their own desires for the good of other Men.

The false assumption of all anarchist beliefs is that Men will willingly not seek power over other Men.

The fundamental flaw with both is this:  There are only two kinds of people; those who believe individuals must be controlled, and those who do not.

And this is why these systems (which I shall call Utopian) are doomed to fail.  Men cannot be perfected.  If you are a Christian, you believe that all Men are fallen.  If you’re like me, you believe that MPAI (Most People Are Idiots).  In fact, if you’re anything but a Utopian, you believe in the maxim “Power corrupts.”  But no utopian system can ever bridge the fundamental gap between people.

Functionally, there is no difference between an all-powerful central government and no government at all.  In either case, the weak are completely at the mercy of the strong, and there are no fundamental rights at all.

Thus, we have the Constitution; a document that was crafted by men who were wise enough to understand that Men respond to incentives.  A document that enshrines at once the competing needs to limit the powerful and to protect the weak.  Through sloth, we have allowed the original concept to become corrupted, and we have ceded too much of our individual liberty to bureaucracies because it’s easier than actually being in control. But solace will be found neither in collectivism nor in anarchy.

Only by dismantling the bureaucratic state we have allowed to come about can we ever hope to return to a properly free society.

Karl Marx is DEAD!

OK. I want all of you climate-change cocksuckers to read this. I want you to read it AND UNDERSTAND IT.

Look at this graph:


You have been lying to yourselves and us FOR THIRTY YEARS. You knew it. We knew it. But you had the politicians, the schools, the media. You thought you had finally won one for The Great Socialist Revolution.

Science is about coming up with an explanation for a phenomenon, developing testable hypotheses, and performing experiments to test them. If a hypothesis fails, it is thrown away and another is developed. If no testable hypothesis can be found, then the explanation is dismissed, and the search begins anew.

Unless you’re a socialist. Then you come up with a political end-state. You develop a non-falsifiable explanation, offer up hypotheses that either nobody can test, or only people receiving government grants will test, and then offer the fraudulent “settled science” as a reason to steal liberty from the people.

Progressives! Your God lies broken before you, his feet of clay melted by the unending drumbeat of truth.

Who’s the denier now?

On Liberty

I’m going to put this as simply as I can, because it needs to be said.

When you start a “discussion” by asking me why I need this or that thing, you’ll notice that I get agitated. You honestly don’t get it, I realize that. In your mind, you’ve asked a perfectly reasonable question. But once it gets to my mind, it isn’t reasonable at all.

Because this is America. This country was founded upon the principle that all men are equal, and therefore nobody is endowed with the ability to determine what I am to be trusted with. We don’t have a gentry class in America that is charged by God with guiding the peasants to the most productive use of their lives.

No, we fought a war that started in 1775 with the attempted seizure of arms and powder at Lexington and Concord for the sole purpose of throwing off the yoke of an appointed ruler who ruled by decree in a manner arbitrary and capricious for the benefit of the gentry class.

Americans are unlike any other people on Earth. We are inherently distrustful of authority, and we hold in contempt those who try to run our lives based upon what they’ve determined to be moral and right.

We are Americans. Before anything else, we are free. We do not accept the authority of government to protect us from ourselves. We do not accept the authority of self-appointed nannies to tell us how we must live so that we may best serve the state. We do not accept having our “betters” tell us what we need or what we may be allowed to want.

I am an American, and my reasons for wanting something are none of your concern. Unless and until I do something to deprive you of the just exercise of your liberty, how I exercise mine is none of your business.

Connecticut Deserves the Full Nelson!

There’s only one way to stop the government from taking over the entire medical services industry at this point, and that’s to get the greedy craven little cowards in the Senate to blow the thing up in order to protect their phony baloney jobs.

I’ve tried calling Senator Lieberman’s office this morning, but I’m more likely to get through to Rush on Open Line Friday than I am to get through to his office.  Ditto Senator Dodd.  So I’m sending them both a polite e-mail demanding that they withhold their cloture votes unless Connecticut gets the same deal Nebraska got.

If enough states do that, then they either cave in and blow the budget up (although they can strip the Medicaid funds out later, which they’re certain to do to Nelson), or they can kill the deal with Nelson and lose his cloture vote.  Either way, this abomination goes down in flames and America wins.

I encourage you to write your senators today and let them know you won’t stand for just one state getting a free ride on Medicaid.  We’ll either get the bill killed, or force the federal government into receivership.  Either way, they won’t be able to bother us much any more.

If it saves just one life…

is it really a federal problem?

I’d like to know just how many lives are being saved and at what cost with these ads warning people about seat belts and drunk driving – and their associated check points.

Specifically, I want to know the marginal cost to save one life versus the marginal cost in lost liberty from enduring East German-style checkpoints.

Because it’s gotta be way more than they intend to spend per person on this new health-care abortion.

When is rape not rape?

Apparently when the rapist is sufficiently “artistic”.

Look, if the girl involved had been 18 when Polanski did what he did, it would still be rape.

It’s not like he was falsely accused by a woman he never touched. It’s not like he was railroaded at trial by false testimony.

He drugged a girl. He said “let’s fuck”. She said “no”. He fucked her anyway. He got caught. He admitted to it. He pled guilty. He bolted.

I just don’t see what’s so confusing about this. This is nothing more than a case of “but he’s a tortured soul, let’s have pity on him. Have some compassion.”

And this is precisely what I mean when I say “Compassion is wasted on the weak and unworthy.”

Of course, he also said “everyone wants to fuck young girls” in an interview later on. Whether that’s true or not, here’s the crucial thing Roman: almost nobody else actually goes and fucks young girls, and we punish the ones who do.

The compassionate thing to do is for this dirty old fuck to rot in prison.

You know what, Fuck Google to Hell.

Google puts up their little “doodles” to commemorate what they consider to be appropriate holidays.  It was quite surprising that they finally decided to acknowledge Memorial Day this year.

But the eighth anniversary of the worst attack on American soil?  Not a fucking thing.

So, I’m going to be using Bing and Ask from now on.  Google is dead to me.