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Things begin to come in to focus.

All of life can be broken down into moments of transition or moments of revelation. This had the feeling of both.

-Book of G’Kar

There are times when you read or see or hear something that cause thoughts to suddenly crystallize.  Watch this video for one such thing. It is long, but it is very much worth it.

I always jokingly say that everything men have created we created to impress women. I wasn’t joking.

I always had a nagging thought in the back of my head that there was a good reason that gay marriage was nonsense. It nags no more.

I always suspected that second-wave feminism was never about equality or rights or power.  I am no longer suspicious.

I thought that the “game” movement was just about picking up chicks for a quick shag. I have swallowed the red pill.

There is an order to things.  This order has been bashed into our genes over millenia. In the past 200 years we have created a society so bountiful and safe that the order is unraveling and we have no idea how to stop it flying apart. There’s no need to go back to the caves. Admitting that this order exists is the first step towards salvation. Adapting this order to the new reality is the way forward. Don’t play the game. Change the rules.

Why do my eyes hurt?

You’ve never used them.