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Not news: Government rapes you

News: They use the phone company as their strap-on.

My phone bill should be pretty simple. $77.49 a month for everything. It’s not.

Not including itemized calls, there’s one line of actual services. One line is some service credit. The last seven lines? Fees and taxes.

The bottom line just went up by $2.61 a month. $2.00 of that was actual service fee increase. The other $0.61? Surcharges and sales taxes. Something called the “Universal Service Fund”. And guess what? The state sales taxes go up too, because they are charging you sales tax ON TAXES AND FEES!

By the time you add up all the fees and taxes, they comprise more than 15% of the total check I write to the phone company.   And these fees go up every quarter.

For the greater good, no doubt.

A small step for man…

Yeah, I know.  Two weeks ago was the 40th anniversary of mankind’s first steps on another celestial body.

I should have had something to say, but I couldn’t come up with anything profound or insightful that hadn’t already been said better than I could ever hope to say it anyhow.

I will say this – it’s been too long, and we need to go back.  We need to do this so that the efforts of those thousands of men, and the twelve who risked everything to stand on the Moon, will not be wasted.