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Why journalists must be held accountable

Matt Cooper and Judith Miller are going to jail, as they should.

“But how can you say that – they are protecting the First Amendment!”

Wrong. I am protecting the rule of law. No man can stand above the law, and nobody should appreciate that more than the mainstream media.

What has essentially happened here, is the same people bleating over how Cooper and Miller should be lionized for not revelaing the sources of the “leak” of Valerie Plame are the same ones who want investigations, convictions, impeachments, and/or imprisonment for whomever the leaker is.

Problem is there are three people who know who the leaker are, and they aren’t talking. How is anyone supposed to get to the truth if the only people that KNOW the truth are deliberately obscuring it.

What we see here is that Cooper and Miller are willing to go to prison NOT to protect anonymous sources, but to defend the liberal agenda of destroying the president. I suspect that the leaker is NOT in the administration at all, because if it was, there is no way the media would keep it quiet. As long as the left can keep the identity of the leaker hidden, they can put forth all kinds of conspiracy theories about it being Rove, or Cheney, etc.

I suspect the truth is far more disgusting, and it is someone either in the CIA (looking to sabotage yet another president), or Joseph Wilson (of getting Rove “frog-marched out of the White House” fame).

There is simply no reasonable justification for the administration to “out” Plame.

Still think there’s no group-think in the mainstream media?

Austin Bay (by way of Instapundit) categorizes the latest “template-based journalism” scam, this time by Newsweek. As Glenn is wont to say, read the whole thing.

If you had any doubts that the media are biased against this administration, this ought to erase that. Newsweek was so willing to believe anything that makes the U.S. Military look bad, that they went to press with a story that should have made them think twice. They didn’t, and now at least fifteen people are no longer among the living.

What I think is needed here is an object lesson in taking responsibility for one’s actions. We know that Islamists will riot at the drop of a hat. Newsweek has to know that as well. What they (Michael Isikoff, mostly) did was nothing less than incitement. At the very least, Isikoff had to know that pissing off muslims will get a bad reaction.

If there is any possible way, Michael Isikoff (and maybe his bosses at Newsweek that accepted this poorly sourced story for publication) should be facing charges of negligent manslaughter. Maybe a dose of reality will teach the press to check their facts a little better instead of rushing to get a scoop on the latest template hit piece.

Some people just need killin’

How deranged do you have to be to decide that it’s appropriate to stab an 8 year old in the eyes? That’s what Jerry Hobbs did to his daughter and her 9 year old friend.

Why? Because she was supposed to be grounded, but mommy let her go play.

And this piece of shit is on suicide watch. Why? Just let the motherfucker kill himself and save the people the time, effort and expense of trying him, housing him, and listening to him try to justify stabbing two little girls to death.

He claims that he did it in self-defense, because the friend pulled a knife on him. He also claims that he did the deed with that same knife.

Hey asshole – if you disarm your opponent, and they are no physical match for you otherwise, you win. Walk the fuck away.

Hopefully some kind soul in the prison system will stab him in the neck on principle. I would.


Since everyone else is getting in on the story, what the hell. I might as well throw in my two cents.

The idiots are in full bloom. I’m not going to link to any of them, because I don’t want them climbing the rankings at Google. You can find them yourselves. It’s come to my attention that Fred Phelps (the one that blames everything on gays) has decided to comment on the tsunami. No doubt he is convinced that it was the hand of God come to smite the sodomites. As if. God don’t do things that small.

The moonbats, predictably, are blaming everything from capitalism, to western civilization, to the SUV (and it’s thirst for oil), to George Bush’s environmental policies. Hell, one moonbat theory even says that we have damaged the “skeleton” of the Earth with all our naughty nuke tests, and the poor old gal can’t take it. Right.

Some people have no sense of perspective.

The deepest oil wells are maybe 3 miles down. The planet is roughly 3900 miles from surface to center. You do the math.

There are two separate problems here. The earthquake/tsunami, and the aftermath. The aftermath was mostly predictable and preventable. Human failings didn’t cause the tsunami, but they caused an awful lot of people to die needlessly. The human tendency to focus on the short term leads to us not coming up with ways to protect ourselves from the next cataclysmic event. We know that earthquakes happen in California and Japan with astonishing regularity, so we build structures to survive them. However, in New England, we haven’t had a major earthquake in centuries. It could happen, but it is considered remote. A 5 or 6 Richter quake would level most of Manhattan. We aren’t prepared for that eventuality. And there’s no way to predict a quake.

But there is a way to predict the aftermath of one. We can detect an earthquake anywhere on the globe within minutes of it happening. It should have been a foregone conclusion that a wall of water was gonna hit something. But a lack of sensors and communications gear led to precisely no warnings being given.

Of course, that’s all moot now. Right now, there are people hurting and suffering. And there are people trying to help. And there are people trying to take credit for that help. Try to be a member of that second group.

Goodbye, Lenny

I’m late. So sue me.

Was getting lunch on Wednesday (12/29) when I heard the news. Jerry Orbach had died. Prostate cancer. I never knew. Jerry had done many things, but to me, he will always be Detective Lenny Briscoe. Lenny had an edge that you knew could only come from years on the street. And you could always count on Lenny for the good zingers. I was actually saddened by his departure from Law & Order. It felt like a member of my family was leaving, never to return.

And now he’s gone. Another light gone dark.

Rest in peace, Jerry. We will miss you.

Life imitates art

This may be the most disturbing thing I have ever heard in my life. Law & Order did something like this once. I never thought that this happened in the real world. But it does.

Imagine, if you can, developing the will to strangle a pregnant woman almost to death, then cutting her open and removing the as-yet unborn baby fro her womb. Then you leave her to die, and lie to your husband about giving birth.

Is this just an extension of the entitlement mentality that has been used repeatedly to justify property crimes? “I want it, you have it, I’m taking it”. Or is there a lower undercurrent of devolution going on in our society?

Clearly, Lisa Montgomery is a monster. She’s not human, and therefore, in my opinion, deserving of nothing less than death. I cannot begin to imagine what Bobbie’s husband is going through right now. The only consolation available for the moment is that he at least gets his daughter back.

UPDATE: Apparently I was wrong – this has been happening with increasing frequency. How much farther down do we have to go, really?
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It’s 12:30 PM. It is cloudy. There is a CHANCE of freezing rain/snow/slush some time in the next 24 hours. It is not currently precipitating, at least not here.

I was listening to the radio. They are CLOSING SCHOOLS EARLY. It’s NOT SNOWING.

I’m trying to decide whether this is an indication of the overall pussification of the nation, or just another effect of the child-fetish this nation seems to have.

First option: “The roads will be slippery, and it might be dangerous. Let’s shut everything down to be safe.”

Second option: “We need to protect the children.”

I suspect it’s a bit of both, with a bit of a nod to overzealous personal injury attorneys chasing ambulances (and school busses) searching for “victims”.


Why government insurance is a bad idea

This article about United Airlines’ ongoing cash problems points out a serious problem for the American taxpayer. It seems that when a company defaults on a pension plan, the federal government (which is the taxpayers) get left holding the bag!

Of course, we also get some wonderful insights into the entitlement and class warfare mindsets here:

Betty has already started a mediation business on the side. “All of the benefits that I’d been promised during those 26 years have been erased by corporate American greed,” she says. “And yet I can see the big picture. I’ve said for three years that our pensions are history. No matter how many promises they make us, if the money isn’t there, it isn’t there.”

Notice she blames “corporate American greed”, but not the simple fact that the American consumer won’t pay enough for an airline ticket to cover what it actually costs to fly a plane. Most airlines have been running operating losses for the better part of a decade, and continue to cut prices on flights to get people in the seats. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t pay $1,000 to fly to LA, but that’s probably close to what it should cost to do it.

Of course, this also points out the folly of relying upon someone else to plan your retirement for you. “Betty” does mention that she’s started a company, but nothing about having saved for her retirement, even though she “saw the writing on the wall” for three years. She may have, in fact, set up a nice retirement account, and just didn’t tell the author of the article.

Meltdown of the ancient media

The latest flap over possibly forged documents, along with the recent fabricated AP stories and poorly editied quotes has led me to a theory about the mainstream media and the blogosphere.

As many people have noted before, there are no real qualifications that one must meet in order to be a journalist. At some point, journalism students stopped going to J-school to learn how to “get at the truth”, and started going to “change the world”. This has led them to slant hard news stories with their own biases, and even fabricate news altogether.

The Internet was always a repository of knowledge. It started as a military project, and was quickly adopted by scientific academia as a way for minds to share their thoughts. Put succinctly, the Internet is the largest gathering of subject matter experts there is. It is nearly impossible for something incorrect to be put on the Internet without it being corrected almost immediately.

The advent of the weblog has amplified this a thousand times. Places like Power Line, Little Green Footballs, Instapundit and more than I have the storage space to name are individual or community blogs of experts in various fields.

Basically, there now exists a repository of expertise on nearly every subject of human endeavor that is instanly accessible, always available, and paying attention. The mainstream media no longer have a monopoly on the dissemination and analysis of events. This is a Good Thing.

As proof of my theory, I commend to you these entries at Power Line, and Little Green Footballs.

Innocence doesn’t pay either.

This is outrageous. I thought it was a little overboard to sue a state or what-have-you for millions of dollars for wrongful imprisonment. Certainly someone is entitled to compensation for the time spent in prison, plus something for the damaging of their good name.

But CHARGING someone for room and board, after releasing them from prison when they were wrongly convicted in the first place?

That’s just mad.