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Karl Marx is DEAD!

OK. I want all of you climate-change cocksuckers to read this. I want you to read it AND UNDERSTAND IT.

Look at this graph:


You have been lying to yourselves and us FOR THIRTY YEARS. You knew it. We knew it. But you had the politicians, the schools, the media. You thought you had finally won one for The Great Socialist Revolution.

Science is about coming up with an explanation for a phenomenon, developing testable hypotheses, and performing experiments to test them. If a hypothesis fails, it is thrown away and another is developed. If no testable hypothesis can be found, then the explanation is dismissed, and the search begins anew.

Unless you’re a socialist. Then you come up with a political end-state. You develop a non-falsifiable explanation, offer up hypotheses that either nobody can test, or only people receiving government grants will test, and then offer the fraudulent “settled science” as a reason to steal liberty from the people.

Progressives! Your God lies broken before you, his feet of clay melted by the unending drumbeat of truth.

Who’s the denier now?

Something Must Be Done.

The refrain we hear every time something bad happens.  This time it’s the atrocity at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

And we are told that Something Must Be Done to prevent the next mass shooting.  And all the predictable “solutions” are proffered.  We’re told that law-abiding citizens must forfeit their rights in the hopes that someone might be denied a particular method for causing mayhem.  We’re told that we must surrender our property to the government so that it may not fall into the “wrong” hands.  And we know that it won’t work, because it never has before.  But that won’t stop the politicians from trying.

Why?  Because they are unable to accept the truth:

There is nothing we can do to prevent the next mass murder.

Say that a few times.  Until the horror of what it means wears off a bit.  Internalize it.  Accept it.  Because in your heart, you know that it is the truth.

No law taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is going to prevent a lunatic  from slaughtering innocents.  No invasion of privacy is sufficient to prevent it either. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

I’ll have more later.  But for now you need to understand that one horrible sentence.  Read it aloud until it has been imprinted upon your soul.  Only then will you be ready to move on.

Long time no talk, eh?

Yeah, I’ve been elsewhere.  I’m back here again.

New categories for new things in my corner of the Universe.

There’s now a aquarium.  15 gallons with 11 fish therein. Betta, 4 tetras, 3 cories, and 3 platys. Nobody tries to eat anyone else.

Thanks to Ken getting a membership at the local Y, we played Camp Sloper last weekend. Nice little course. Cutting down on the number of discs in the bag is starting to pay dividends.

To the surprise of pretty much nobody, Francona wasn’t the problem in Boston. Hopefully the GM has had an automatic ass-kicking machine installed in his office.

My main workstation has self-destructed for the last time.  Rather than rebuild it, I’m simply going to make the new laptop play full-time business machine.  I’m putting a new power supply in the micro monolith I built last year so I can run the GTX460 in it.

More details in other posts.  Maybe.

Global Warming (is) for dummies.

OK, Time to pay up, bitches. You knew this was coming. Because I told you about it.

Lowest Tropical Cyclone activity on record in thirty years! You don’t even have to google it.

So, then. Which is it: are hurricanes utterly and completely divorced from global warming, or is global warming bullshit? DON’T WAIT FOR THE TRANSLATION! ANSWER THE QUESTION!

What’s that? Fires in California? Human caused? Yep. Global warming?

Not a chance.

(h/t Instapundit for the link, Limbaugh for mentioning the story)

Separation of Church and State?

Unless the church wants what the leftists (or Harry Reid) want, that is.

As the pope has said, it’s a slaughter.   Those are not Harry Reid ‘s words or Jack Reed’s words or some Democratic operative.   They are the pope.   The spiritual leader of more than a million people says to everyone that’s listening to his voice and he is — he presides over more than a billion people, and many more have great respect for him.   And he is saying there’s a slaughter in Iraq.   Those are his words.   And nothing good is coming from Iraq.

The president should understand that it’s not just the Democratic Congress that is crying out for a change in direction.   It’s the pope.

Is spam an accurate predictor of market crashes?

I’ve noticed a massive spike in stock-spam lately. You know what I’m talking about. You’ll get a message from some nice young anonymous telling you that some stock or another is ready for an AMAZING RALLY and you’d better not miss it. Oh, and it’s a penny stock, over-the-counter. For a company you’ve never heard of. And that claims they have nothing to do with the spam.

The last time this happened was just before the big crash in 2000. I suspect it was some kind of pump-and-dump scheme, where the pumper buys a big position, spams a million people, hooks a few suckers (running the price up) and dumps his entire holding in one shot, making the stock drop like a rock.

It’s a very efficient way to transfer money from suckers to thieves. It’s also possibly a harbinger of things to come.

Talk about your “alleged”

From Fox News story copied without permission since these things disappear or change frequently

MIAMI — A federal air marshal shot and killed a 44-year-old American Airlines passenger who claimed to have a bomb in his bag and ran off of the plane, a Department of Homeland Security official confirmed to FOX News.

The air marshal pursued and tackled the suspect, a U.S. citizen, on the jet bridge between the terminal and the Boeing 757.

“The passenger … indicated he had a bomb in his bag,” Dave Adams, a federal air marshals spokesman, told FOX News in a telephone interview.

“The subject was incapacitated,” Adams said. “He was subdued.”

American Airlines flight 924 was arriving at Miami-Dade International Airport on Wednesday when the incident occurred.

“There was an incident at the Jet Bridge involving FLT 924 departing Miami for Orlando [after arriving from Colombia]. A federal marshal was involved in the incident. No further comment,” American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said in a statement.

Homeland Security officials confirmed to FOX News that this is the first time a federal air marshal has discharged his or her weapon since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Details surrounding the incident were not immediately clear, but footage showed medical personnel boarding American Airlines flight 924 with a stretcher and around 25 to 30 police vehicles on the scene.

Sources told FOX News the person may have been unbalanced. One witness said the man frantically ran down the aisle and a woman, apparently his wife, said he suffered from bipolar disorder and hadn’t taken his medication.

“Bipolar disorder is a treatable medical illness marked by extreme changes in mood, thought, energy and behavior,” according to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Web site.

The plane arrived from Colombia and its final destination was Orlando.

The incident forced airport officials to close Concourse D but the rest of the airport remained open. The concourse has been reopened.

Aviation experts postulated that the situation must have been seen as a dangerous one if the air marshal drew his gun.

“The conditions [that would warrant an air marshal to fire his or her weapon] ought to be one where he has identified a threat to security” on the flight, Ron Goldman, an aviation attorney and pilot, told FOX News.

Martin Gonzalez, spokesman for Colombia’s civil aviation agency, said he had no information regarding the incident.

“The flight left normally with no problems,” he told The Associated Press in Bogota.

He said he did not have a list of passengers who were aboard the plane.

FOX News’ Catherine Herridge and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

MAY have been mentally ill. Is there any doubt? If he was an actual, y’know, terrorist, he wouldn’t be likely to divulge his intentions until just before pushing the button.

And saying “I have a bomb”, and then running from the nice men with guns whilst reaching into your bag is certainly not the best way to prolong one’s life.

I’m just sayin’

Sometimes the MSM works

Dateline NBC (of exploding Chevy fame) may just have redeemed themselves. They decided to put their considerable resources to the task of finding a spammer

And they found him! I won’t spoil the ending. Read the whole thing.

This is the kind of old-fashioned investigative journalism that the MSM was famous for. It’s nice to see investigative reporting without an agenda, or a desired result determined in advance.