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No more bukkit.

No more filter bucket for me, thanks.  I got tired of forgetting to fill it, and losing that fridge space.  And the icemaker was useless because the ice tasted and smelled like shit.

So I put in one of those filters that has its own faucet, and I split the output to go to the icemaker.  The water is indistinguishable from what was coming from the Pur filter.

Mating plastic and brass is a TOTAL PAIN IN THE ASS.  You don’t want to over tighten it because you will tear the threads right off the plastic, but you put it all together and it leaks, so you tighten, and tighten, and tighten some more.  Now I’m just hoping nothing goes BANG and sends water all over the house.

Grubs suck.

Normally, I’m pretty good at delaying my projects because I’m lazy and easily distracted.

So of course, when I get motivated to do something, the Universe has to intervene.

I thought I’d slaughtered the grubs what killed my lawn.  Not so.  I start digging up the front yard, and just below the surface, those disgusting white wigglers are waiting for me.  They seem to be mocking me with their curling and wiggling.

So, instead of putting in a flower garden, I’m watering more grubslaughter into the front yard.


There is no such thing as ‘easy’.

Closet.  Simple, right?  A little paint, a little light, some shelves.

Simple?  The way multi-variable calculus is simple.

Paint?  After washing 40 years of crud from the walls, maybe.

Light?  Don’t get me started on finding electricity in this joint.

Shelves?  Finding studs is impossible because  of the foil-backed insulation.  The regular wallboard fasteners that come with Closetmaid stuff don’t work on the back wall, since it’s the wall between the house and the garage, and therefore double sheetrock.

Nothing major.  There’s a workaround for everything.  But it’s like being pecked to death by ducks.  It hurts, and it takes MUCH too long.

Dead grass isn’t much fun.

Grubs killed my lawn.  I picked up a clump of deceased sod today, and there were literally dozens of the little bastards crawling around in it.  I nearly hurled (grubs are pretty nasty to look at).  I’ll be commiting grubicide soon.  Then I think I’m going to have to turn under the whole lot of the dead grass and seed everything.

Ah, the joy of home ownership!

Lessons learned from home remodeling

Wallboard compound can grow mold. I shit you not.

Removed the shelves from the big closet, and I wanted to fill in the nail holes and gouges. Nothing fancy, it is only a closet after all. I opened the little can of joint compound, and it’s moldy. Which is pretty nasty. Tossed that. Got the little pail of spackle. Hard as a brick. Grabbed the big pail of joint compound, which has a piece of plastic over the stuff (of which there is not a lot left), and it was fine.

So I got the holes filled. But the lesson here – always cover your joint.

Compound.  Joint compound. Yeah.

And the water stays where it belongs.


It was leaking quite badly around the chimney when the Gor’easter blew through here a few weeks back.   So I took a bucket of flashing tar up there and went to town.

Apparently, tromping my fat ass around up there loosened the seal around one of the sewer vent pipes, since I noticed a puddle in the basement.   Went into the attic, and watched the water follow the pipe all the way down.   Stuff from underneath, Tar from above – no water this time.

And now I’ve put in the final piece of redirection on the downspout at the garage.   I’ll clean out the gutter junction between the house and the garage tomorrow, and we’ll see what this weekend’s downpour does to me, if anything.

Ah, the joys of home ownership.

Water, water everywhere.

Especially in my basement. Thankfully, we had the sense to put the boxes (most of them, anyway) up on boards in the basement on the chance that this very thing happened. I’m operating under the assumption that plywood is not absorbent. We’ll upgrade to pallets tomorrow.

The Shop-Vac is your friend. I have a little 5 gallon job, and lemme tell ya, that was a good purchase. 25 gallons hauled out, and it’s still coming up. Up. As in through the floor. Ugh.

I’m getting water from above AND below.

I don’t wanna buy a house any more.

I finally have a living room.

And I was able to watch TV in it tonight. And a DVD. The surround speakers aren’t in yet (hell, I don’t OWN them yet), but that should be dealt with in short order. I’ll concentrate on new furniture later on. For now, it’s usable space.

Surprisingly, for a long narrow room it sounds damned good. Which was kinda unexpected. I guess the carpet really softened it up acoustically.

This house has come a long way in 5 months. And it’s almost done. Just need to paint the dining room and hang the ceiling fan.

And then find some new projects to do. Later.

Completed: 2 rooms.


Bedroom – all but the window treatments are done, which means that all
construction in the bedroom is done.

Office – ditto. Curtains and some cleaning, and this room’s complete.

The final moulding went up yesterday in both rooms. Once some clean has been committed, maybe I’ll take pictures.

Oh, and the living room has officially started. Ceiling painted, next up – walls. Then carpet, and the video games can come back out of hiding!