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Long time no talk, eh?

Yeah, I’ve been elsewhere.  I’m back here again.

New categories for new things in my corner of the Universe.

There’s now a aquarium.  15 gallons with 11 fish therein. Betta, 4 tetras, 3 cories, and 3 platys. Nobody tries to eat anyone else.

Thanks to Ken getting a membership at the local Y, we played Camp Sloper last weekend. Nice little course. Cutting down on the number of discs in the bag is starting to pay dividends.

To the surprise of pretty much nobody, Francona wasn’t the problem in Boston. Hopefully the GM has had an automatic ass-kicking machine installed in his office.

My main workstation has self-destructed for the last time.  Rather than rebuild it, I’m simply going to make the new laptop play full-time business machine.  I’m putting a new power supply in the micro monolith I built last year so I can run the GTX460 in it.

More details in other posts.  Maybe.

82 at Wickham. New record!

For me, that is.  It’s still 24 over on the round.  I’m doing very well off the tee these days, but my short game is still ass.  As a rule, if I’m within 10-15 feet, it’s in the basket.  It’s getting from the fairway to that 15 feet that proves to be difficult.

Although I’m seeing some improvement.  I’m not pulling back on my fairway shots any more, and I’m getting better at controlling the discs I’ve got.  I think my biggest problem last year was thinking that buying all kinds of discs was the solution to my problems rather than learning how to use my body to control any one disc.

With luck, I’ll break 80 within the next few runs.  Maybe 76 (+18) isn’t such an impossible task after all.

Disc Golf – the season begins.

Yeah, we were there for opening day at Wick.  I narrowly avoided losing to the noobs in our group.  Hit it again last Saturday, followed with a Sunday trip to Pyramids.  So I didn’t post updates.  I’ve got like, what, 3 readers?

So, Wickham.  Still awesome, still a bit chewy. L.L. Bean boots are a must if it’s rained in the two days prior to going.  Made a few epic drives with the Katana.  Well, epic for me anyhow. The work on smoothing out my throws and releases is starting to pay off from the tee.  I’m still underthrowing most of my fairway stuff.  Putts?  I’d rather not talk about it.

Got a shock harness from Marshall Street.  Still getting used to it, but it’s nice not having the weight of the whole bag on one shoulder (my throwing arm, natch) all the time.  Pyramids is still a great course.  Very technical.  I had a few really good shots to get myself out of trouble.  Of course, I three-putted one hole and got so pissed off that I fucked up the next three after that.  Which is actually a better recovery from “pissed” than I ever managed last year.

What’s in the bag?

Distance Drivers: Katana, Groove, Ultralight T-Bone

Fairway Drivers: Monarch, TL

Specialty Discs: Starfire, Kite

Approach: Mako, JK Pro Roc, Classic Aviar

Putter: Pro-D Banger GT

Comments on Pyramids at Marshall Street

If you live in the Northeast, and you haven’t played this course, you need to. Pyramids is located at Marshall Street Disc golf in Leicester, MA. Meticulously kept, well marked. This is a pretty technical course, lots of elevation changes, some water hazards. Mostly wooded, some open fields. The Fifth hole is interesting – the gold basket is actually hanging from a fallen log over a brook. Ken put his drive 3 feet away from the basket. Yeah, he was pretty stoked.

The pro shop is located on the same site, so if you get that new driver, you just gotta take it for a spin, right?

Summary: 18 holes, two sets of pins (36 baskets). Technical, challenging, but not maddening. $5 per player.

Golf Bag, Redux

After a trip to Marshall Street, changed things up a bit.

The Scream and Arrow are out. The Leopard is on the chopping block.

Drivers: Groove, Monarch, Starfire, Ultralight T-Bone, Kite.

Yes, the Kite has been promoted to driver. It’s a good slow-speed driver for the shorter holes, and it has a very predictable turn and fade to it. I don’t use it for approaches anyhow.

After losing my last Ultralight T, I grabbed another one. And I was looking for a longer replacement for the Leopard since it just wasn’t getting it done for me any more. Started with the TL, and decided on a Premium T-Bone in a normal weight (172g).

Which brings us to the approach discs: T-Bone, Leopard, Roc, Aero, Aviar.

We’ll see how the Leopard does in short situations. But for longer approaches, the T-Bone is much more controllable.

Putters: Magic and the QuestAT 10m Brick.

Still trying to get the hang of the Brick. I tend to throw it short. It does, however live up to its name. Went back to the Magic for mid length putts. The Aviar is putt and approach, and I’ve drained a few long baskets with it. I’m also getting good at putting the Aviar under the basket for tap out.

We’ll see how this works out.

What’cha got in the bag, dad?

The contents of the disc golf bag of a man with delusions of adequacy:

What I carry when I'm pretending I know how to play disc golf.
What I carry when I'm pretending I know how to play disc golf.

From back to front:

  • Innova Champion Groove – Serious distance driver. Once I started throwing forehand, this became my driver of choice. Goes like nobody’s business, but it’s not very forgiving if you let it go wrong.
  • Innova Champion Monarch – Distance driver.  Good for backhand and learning.  Better when you can get some spin on it.
  • Innova StarFire – Distance driver with a wicked fade. This one took some getting used to. Now that I can throw forehand somewhat, it’s actually useful because I can use it to bend around trees 30-40 yards out.
  • QuestAT Scream DT – Distance driver. Thrown backhand, this one will go pretty straight and get good distance. If you tilt it at all, you’re hosed.
  • Innova DX Leopard – Fairway driver.  This is a great disc for midrange shots from the fairway.
  • Innova Star Kite – Midrange disc.  This one is a bit more understable than the Leopard.  I use this more for driving situations where I want an early fade.
  • Innova KC-Pro Roc – Midrange disc.  Slower disc with a wicked fade.  I like this for when I need to get around a tree.
  • Innova Champion Aero – Putt/Approach disc.  This one’s really got too much glide for putting, but it’s dead straight if you let it go right.
  • Innova Aviar P&A – Putt/Approach disc.  Significantly shorter than the Aero.  I’m getting pretty good with this for my approach shots from 10-15 yards out.  And this one is not bad for draining the long putts either.
  • Aerobie Arrow putter.  I’m experimenting with this.  I was using a Gateway Magic, which was great when I was learning since I was never trying to putt from more than a couple yards out.  But lately it’s been doing the “bite and roll away” on me, so I’m experimenting.

Oh, the bag?  I like it.  It has room for the big water bottle I carry, and a big side pouch for snacks, camera, whatever.

Why so many discs for someone who’s been playing for three months?  Simple – I’m nuts.

Seriously, I’m learning.  I’m adapting.  My throwing has changed completely from when I started, and the discs that I used to get what I thought were awesome results just aren’t working for me any more.

I used to carry a 153 gram Monarch.  I can’t throw it worth a damn any more.  The first time it went was the longest drive of my life.  Now it can’t stay out of the trees.

I might pare it down a bit more, but for now, this seems to be working. On the course we play the most often, I’ve got my disc choices nailed down for about half of the holes, and I’m pretty consistent with them.  Holes 3,6,8 and 14 continue to kick me in the balls.

My scores aren’t improving as fast as I’d like them to, but I’m spending less time pulling discs out of the woods and I haven’t dumped one in the tall stuff on hole one in a long damn while.  Of course, now that I’ve said that I’m going in next time, aren’t I?

I love this game.

It started off, as so many things do, with an off-hand comment in the car.  While passing a golf course, I said “I know I’m hitting middle age.  I’m feeling the pull of the golf course.”  Ken’s response – golf’s too expensive, you should try disc golf.

I’m hooked.  This is the first sport I’ve ever been able to keep up with.  So I’ll be posting about it a lot.

For now, my main goal: “don’t come in last.”

An open letter to the players at Wickham Park

“Behind the log at the 13th tee” is not the correct answer to “where should I put this empty bottle”.  Please have the courtesy to carry your detritus to the waste baskets, or don’t bring disposable stuff on to the course.  And if you see garbage strewn about, pick it up.  The $5 admission fee to the park does not grant you license to litter.

Your mother does not work here.  Please clean up after yourself.