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Long time no talk, eh?

Yeah, I’ve been elsewhere.  I’m back here again.

New categories for new things in my corner of the Universe.

There’s now a aquarium.  15 gallons with 11 fish therein. Betta, 4 tetras, 3 cories, and 3 platys. Nobody tries to eat anyone else.

Thanks to Ken getting a membership at the local Y, we played Camp Sloper last weekend. Nice little course. Cutting down on the number of discs in the bag is starting to pay dividends.

To the surprise of pretty much nobody, Francona wasn’t the problem in Boston. Hopefully the GM has had an automatic ass-kicking machine installed in his office.

My main workstation has self-destructed for the last time.  Rather than rebuild it, I’m simply going to make the new laptop play full-time business machine.  I’m putting a new power supply in the micro monolith I built last year so I can run the GTX460 in it.

More details in other posts.  Maybe.

Enough with the A-Rod bashing, already.

Yeah, I know Alex Rodriguez is the man everyone loves to hate.  But this is getting out of hand.  Because his was the only name from the 104 that got leaked to the press, people are acting like he’s the only man in the history of baseball to ever use steroids.

I’m not passing judgement here.  Baseball didn’t have rules then, it has them now, that ought to settle the issue.  You wanna put a star next to his name, he can join Barry Bonds in the Kiss My Asterisk club.

But can we stop acting like he’s the only one to use drugs to improve his performance?

Nice dive, Schoppach

There is no way in hell that ball hit Schoppach.  It hit the end of the bat, and Schoppach hit the deck.

He ought to be tossed from the game for that stunt.  Instead, he’s awarded a base, and Torre pulls a dispirited Wang after one and a little more.

They should have cut Farnsworth last season.

And tonight’s performance is Exhibit A.

He’s entirely too inconsistent on a night-to-night basis to trust.   I cringe every time he comes in to relieve.   Because it seems (and this could just be selective memory afflicting me in my old age) that he blows more games than he doesn’t.

And the last thing you want in a relief pitcher is to give up four runs in the bottom of the eigth.

Joe, if you want to go all the way this season, CUT FARNSWORTH.