The big difference

I’ve got to flesh this idea out a bit more, but I think I know where “The Turn” is.

The realization that the actual difference between the nations collectively known as “The West” and the middle-eastern nations that are actively engaged in an existential war with them is simply this:

The belief in Individual Human Moral Agency.

Even before the existence of Islam, Middle Eastern thought has been “whatever God wills”. We see this now in the reports from out military trainers. Arab fighters will just fire wildly in the general direction of the enemy. When confronted about it, they reply “Allah guides my bullets.”

The same thing was seen with what happened to all the oil infrastructure once western nations turned it over to local control, and they did no maintenance. “Inshallah” – God wills it.

And ultimately it’s why we’re seeing roving gangs of middle-eastern rapists all over Europe. An imam in Australia justified the rape of uncovered women by comparing their situation to that of a cat encountering uncovered meat. The argument essentially boiled down to “men cannot be expected to sublimate their sexual impulses, so uncovered women cannot expect to be left alone.”

All of this: “Inshallah”, “Uncovered Meat”, the lot. Arab culture does not accept, acknowledge, or grant the existence of Individual Moral Agency.

THIS is why they attack us. It’s not because of gods, or cultures, or anything else. It’s simple animal instinct. “That tribe is on resources I want, so we shall go and kill them”.

And that’s why we can’t seem to get anywhere. We think that we’re going to pound some sense into their heads and eventually they’ll get sick of attacking us. But they won’t, because they do not believe in Individual Moral Agency. They cannot conceptualize it.

Individual Moral Agency is what allowed The West to go to the moon while everyone else sat on Earth picking their toes. And those who do not comprehend it are trying to wipe it out.