Why the US Anti-Apartheid movement was a joke, and they don’t even know it.

Why this came up is a detail for later.  But it did.

So a bunch of white kids banged on some drums and shouted outside the South African embassy in Washington D.C. They thought Apartheid was evil and had to go.  And when it finally went, they thought they had something to do with it.

They didn’t. They thought they were being brave and speaking truth to power.  They were never in danger for a second.  The kids in South Africa they imagined they were supporting were getting beaten, shot, hosed, tortured, arrested, and everything else-d.  The kids in D.C. were pounding on drums and shouting.

And everything those idealistic kids thought they were fighting for resulted in a Communist government that’s made life worse for everyone.

But they won’t take credit for that part.