How to interpret subtext.

CCDL et. al. had their day in court on Tuesday.  The Second Circuit Court of Appeals, to be precise.  Arguing against the imbecilic new anti-gun laws our ruling children passed in a snit after Sandy Hook.

You can read the local (I wouldn’t even use it as) fish wrap’s take here.

I’d like to draw your attention, however, to one of the statements made by the state’s AAG Maura Murphy-Osborne:

“Many semiautomatic pistols sold for and used for home protection had [magazines that] … exceeded a 10-round clip?” he asked Connecticut Assistant Attorney General Maura Murphy-Osborne, and mentioned the “common use” standard.

“We don’t think that the Second Amendment is driven by a consumer preference,” Murphy-Osborne replied, and said people could use revolvers for home protection instead of semiautomatic pistols.

So go over that a few times, and tell me if you can taste the underlying flavor.

But nobody wants to take your guns away, right?

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.