How Libertarianism is precisely like Communism.

I concluded a long time ago that Libertarianism suffered from the same critical flaw as all of the various statist ideologies.  I just hadn’t come up with a way to explain it that didn’t take eleventy hours.

Until now.

First off, before you have an aneurysm, I’m not saying that the ideologies are similar at all.  The flaw is not in the ideology, at least not the flaw I’m talking about.  It’s a fundamental flaw, rooted in the most basic assumption upon which both ideologies are built.

That flaw is the belief that humans are perfectible.  Humans are tribalistic by nature, and there’s no way around it.  Communists think they can eliminate “class” and create a homogeneous society.  Libertarians think that everyone can coexist peacefully in a purely cooperative society.

And the reason they are both wrong is that tribal behaviors are emergent.  Put a large enough group of humans together, and they will factionalize.

This is why the strict Constitutionalist arguing against the existence of political parties is pissing into the wind.  It’s why Stalin’s “New Soviet Man” never came to be.  It’s why the modern Progressive movement keeps eating its own.

The brilliance of the Founders was that they knew parties were going to happen, even though they wished fervently against them.  Which is why the government was kept weak.  And it’s why the only form of governance that’s stood the test of time is some form of Constitutional Republic or Constitutional Monarchy.  And when the emergent factions decide to set the Constitutional limits aside, it collapses — as we are seeing in the US now.

You create a form of government that fails to account for human nature at your peril.  You can’t subvert thousands of years of evolution with platitudes and ideology.