What am I? What am I doing here? Why?

I don’t know.

Is this all that I am?  Is there nothing more?

I ask myself questions, and I get questions in return.  Am I just confused, or am I insane?

I can’t help but think that somewhere I missed something important, but I don’t know what it was. I try to figure it out, but I just get confused. Brains should come with instruction manuals, or at least API guides so we might have a chance of figuring them out.

And then just now that nagging little voice says “you don’t mean any of this, you’re just posing for attention.” Half of me is a sociopath, but I don’t know which one. I wish I was drunk.

That song really sucked. Just thought I’d share that.  I really can’t stand Neil Young. All fake earnestness. Fuck him.

Time for a nap.