Connecticut Deserves the Full Nelson!

There’s only one way to stop the government from taking over the entire medical services industry at this point, and that’s to get the greedy craven little cowards in the Senate to blow the thing up in order to protect their phony baloney jobs.

I’ve tried calling Senator Lieberman’s office this morning, but I’m more likely to get through to Rush on Open Line Friday than I am to get through to his office.  Ditto Senator Dodd.  So I’m sending them both a polite e-mail demanding that they withhold their cloture votes unless Connecticut gets the same deal Nebraska got.

If enough states do that, then they either cave in and blow the budget up (although they can strip the Medicaid funds out later, which they’re certain to do to Nelson), or they can kill the deal with Nelson and lose his cloture vote.  Either way, this abomination goes down in flames and America wins.

I encourage you to write your senators today and let them know you won’t stand for just one state getting a free ride on Medicaid.  We’ll either get the bill killed, or force the federal government into receivership.  Either way, they won’t be able to bother us much any more.