When is rape not rape?

Apparently when the rapist is sufficiently “artistic”.

Look, if the girl involved had been 18 when Polanski did what he did, it would still be rape.

It’s not like he was falsely accused by a woman he never touched. It’s not like he was railroaded at trial by false testimony.

He drugged a girl. He said “let’s fuck”. She said “no”. He fucked her anyway. He got caught. He admitted to it. He pled guilty. He bolted.

I just don’t see what’s so confusing about this. This is nothing more than a case of “but he’s a tortured soul, let’s have pity on him. Have some compassion.”

And this is precisely what I mean when I say “Compassion is wasted on the weak and unworthy.”

Of course, he also said “everyone wants to fuck young girls” in an interview later on. Whether that’s true or not, here’s the crucial thing Roman: almost nobody else actually goes and fucks young girls, and we punish the ones who do.

The compassionate thing to do is for this dirty old fuck to rot in prison.