OK, Maybe I was a little to hard on Eli

Actually, no.  I stand by everything bad I’ve said.

But there is nothing I can or will say to take away from the football that Eli and the Giants have played the last three weeks.  The difference?  The offensive line kept Eli calm.  A calm Eli is a proficient Eli, it seems.  It helps when the star receiver finally finds his hands and holds on to the football.  Tends to increase a QB’s confidence.

But there’s been a lot of good football the past few weeks.  Going toe-to-toe with New England, and holding them to a field goal.  -2 yards offense in the first quarter, then coming back to absolutely dismantle Tampa.

And then Dallas.  Dad was getting a little bummed when Dallas was on the offense for 10:28 in the second, going 90 yards for a TD in 20 plays.  I figured hey, leave that offense out there, get them tired.  Dad: “But it’s 14 unanswered points!”   Then Eli lights it up.  46 seconds, 71 yards, Touchdown!   Fast forward to the fourth quarter.  Two three-and-outs.  Dad’s now convinced that the Giants are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  The Giants are up 4, so Dallas needs a TD to get anything.  That offensive line is tired.  And the Giants finally figured out how to get through it and get to Romo.  He’s clearly shaken.  And then it happens: interception in the end zone.

And the New York Football Giants are going to the conference championship!

Here’s hoping they can keep Eli calm for two more games.