AGW versus the Hurricane

AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming). Or, as I prefer to call it, The Single Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on Mankind, is bullshit.

Either that, or the people who like to blame everything on AGW are full of shit.

Take hurricanes. After Katrina had her way with the gulf coast (Hey Gulfport – we haven’t forgotten you here at Applied Indifference), we were told by every green moron with a mouth that we should get used to this kind of destruction, because global warming was going to make hurricanes more frequent and more intense.

Accordingly, the National Hurricane Center predicted a slobberknocker of a season for 2006 – one that never materialized. Failing that, they did the same for 2007. So far, it’s failed to impress. Second week of August, no hurricanes, no landfalls, THREE (that’s one more than two) named storms. Ironically, that’s the same position in the alphabet (they added one after the season was over last year) as 2006 for this time. We’re more in line with 1997 than with 2005 this year.

So, all you AGW fanatics, I’ve got a deal for ya. If we fail to have another spectacular hurricane season, will you please shut the fuck up about global warming causing hurricanes?

Of course, we could take your connection of hurricanes and AGW (MIT scientists notwithstanding) and say that it’s proof that global warming is just another attempt by the socialists to get everyone to voluntarily destroy their way of life, but that wouldn’t be fair would it? Nah, we’ll just wait for the sunspot cycle to recede and watch the temperature drop ever so slightly.