Lessons learned on the River Housatonic

Those stories you hear about thick cloud cover obviating the need for sunscreen? Lies.

When the guy at the kayak place tells you “If you fall in the water in the rapids, DO NOT try to stand up” he knows of which he speaks.

Rocks are harder than flesh.

It is easier to attempt swimming (and that is all I can be said to do) when you decide to let go of the kayak and the oar, and let someone else corral that thing for you.

In case you hadn’t guessed, a bunch of us went kayaking on the Housatonic River in northwestern CT at Clarke Outdoors. It was a blast. Actually we used what they call “Sityaks”, which is kind of like a kayak, except you sit ON it instead of IN it. Whcih means when you capsize, you at least haven’t got a boat stuck to you. But it also means that you crush your knuckles on a rock when you fall over because you didn’t listen to the guy when he said “don’t stand up in the rapids”.

Tiring, but a lot of fun. And at least I wasn’t the only one to ditch.

Oh, and if you find Kevin’s glasses, please drop me a line.