Now that you mention Coach Coughlin

Someone please take the coach aside and tell him to pull Eli Manning. Please!

Eli, you’ve got potential. I’ll give you that. But you gotta stop throwing the INT.

3 interceptions in a playoff shutout isn’t gonna look good on the resumé.

23-0? Coming off an 11-5 season, you’d expect that the Giants had SOME OFFENSE. Or not. The season was a mixed bag. Blowing a field goal attempt in the last seconds of regulation, and then missing two more in overtime to lose to Seattle? Allowing 2 special teams and one defensive touchdown against the hapless VIKINGS? The Vikings had 137 yards of total offense AND THEY WON 24-21.

So, given the fact that the Giants should have been 13-3, I was still surprised to see them get to the Wild Card. There were games where the Giants were absolutely brilliant. And then there’s days like today.