Still think there’s no group-think in the mainstream media?

Austin Bay (by way of Instapundit) categorizes the latest “template-based journalism” scam, this time by Newsweek. As Glenn is wont to say, read the whole thing.

If you had any doubts that the media are biased against this administration, this ought to erase that. Newsweek was so willing to believe anything that makes the U.S. Military look bad, that they went to press with a story that should have made them think twice. They didn’t, and now at least fifteen people are no longer among the living.

What I think is needed here is an object lesson in taking responsibility for one’s actions. We know that Islamists will riot at the drop of a hat. Newsweek has to know that as well. What they (Michael Isikoff, mostly) did was nothing less than incitement. At the very least, Isikoff had to know that pissing off muslims will get a bad reaction.

If there is any possible way, Michael Isikoff (and maybe his bosses at Newsweek that accepted this poorly sourced story for publication) should be facing charges of negligent manslaughter. Maybe a dose of reality will teach the press to check their facts a little better instead of rushing to get a scoop on the latest template hit piece.