Stick a fork in the NHL

It’s done. An interesting experiment in regulated monopolies is coming to a close. I find it moderately amusing that in an open capitalist society, we have no competing sports leagues. There is one baseball league (MLB), one football league (NFL), one basketball league (NBA), one hockey league (NHL). Sure, there are the various farm leagues, and college sports, but I’m talking about top-level professional sports here.

So, in order to keep a league healthy, and attracting audiences, something needs to be done to keep competition between the teams. And what is done? Socialism! Why? Because competition in the stratified world of team sports would cause the best funded teams to totally OWN the least well funded. Of course, socialism in this context is perfectly acceptable, but it’s probably the least efficient way to run a business.

The NHL players and owners are unable to compromise on some form of redistribution that would keep all the teams of the league relatively level, thereby maintaining competition between them, and tension. Who wants to watch Hockey every year if the Stanley Cup champion is always the same?

So, the lack of REAL competition, combined with the whiny cry-baby attitudes of a bunch of people who are compensated entirely too richly for PLAYING A FREAKIN’ GAME, has led to this.

Oh, well. I guess there will be other things to watch this winter.