The big difference

I’ve got to flesh this idea out a bit more, but I think I know where “The Turn” is.

The realization that the actual difference between the nations collectively known as “The West” and the middle-eastern nations that are actively engaged in an existential war with them is simply this:

The belief in Individual Human Moral Agency.

Even before the existence of Islam, Middle Eastern thought has been “whatever God wills”. We see this now in the reports from out military trainers. Arab fighters will just fire wildly in the general direction of the enemy. When confronted about it, they reply “Allah guides my bullets.”

The same thing was seen with what happened to all the oil infrastructure once western nations turned it over to local control, and they did no maintenance. “Inshallah” – God wills it.

And ultimately it’s why we’re seeing roving gangs of middle-eastern rapists all over Europe. An imam in Australia justified the rape of uncovered women by comparing their situation to that of a cat encountering uncovered meat. The argument essentially boiled down to “men cannot be expected to sublimate their sexual impulses, so uncovered women cannot expect to be left alone.”

All of this: “Inshallah”, “Uncovered Meat”, the lot. Arab culture does not accept, acknowledge, or grant the existence of Individual Moral Agency.

THIS is why they attack us. It’s not because of gods, or cultures, or anything else. It’s simple animal instinct. “That tribe is on resources I want, so we shall go and kill them”.

And that’s why we can’t seem to get anywhere. We think that we’re going to pound some sense into their heads and eventually they’ll get sick of attacking us. But they won’t, because they do not believe in Individual Moral Agency. They cannot conceptualize it.

Individual Moral Agency is what allowed The West to go to the moon while everyone else sat on Earth picking their toes. And those who do not comprehend it are trying to wipe it out.

Why the US Anti-Apartheid movement was a joke, and they don’t even know it.

Why this came up is a detail for later.  But it did.

So a bunch of white kids banged on some drums and shouted outside the South African embassy in Washington D.C. They thought Apartheid was evil and had to go.  And when it finally went, they thought they had something to do with it.

They didn’t. They thought they were being brave and speaking truth to power.  They were never in danger for a second.  The kids in South Africa they imagined they were supporting were getting beaten, shot, hosed, tortured, arrested, and everything else-d.  The kids in D.C. were pounding on drums and shouting.

And everything those idealistic kids thought they were fighting for resulted in a Communist government that’s made life worse for everyone.

But they won’t take credit for that part.

How to interpret subtext.

CCDL et. al. had their day in court on Tuesday.  The Second Circuit Court of Appeals, to be precise.  Arguing against the imbecilic new anti-gun laws our ruling children passed in a snit after Sandy Hook.

You can read the local (I wouldn’t even use it as) fish wrap’s take here.

I’d like to draw your attention, however, to one of the statements made by the state’s AAG Maura Murphy-Osborne:

“Many semiautomatic pistols sold for and used for home protection had [magazines that] … exceeded a 10-round clip?” he asked Connecticut Assistant Attorney General Maura Murphy-Osborne, and mentioned the “common use” standard.

“We don’t think that the Second Amendment is driven by a consumer preference,” Murphy-Osborne replied, and said people could use revolvers for home protection instead of semiautomatic pistols.

So go over that a few times, and tell me if you can taste the underlying flavor.

But nobody wants to take your guns away, right?

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.

How Libertarianism is precisely like Communism.

I concluded a long time ago that Libertarianism suffered from the same critical flaw as all of the various statist ideologies.  I just hadn’t come up with a way to explain it that didn’t take eleventy hours.

Until now.

First off, before you have an aneurysm, I’m not saying that the ideologies are similar at all.  The flaw is not in the ideology, at least not the flaw I’m talking about.  It’s a fundamental flaw, rooted in the most basic assumption upon which both ideologies are built.

That flaw is the belief that humans are perfectible.  Humans are tribalistic by nature, and there’s no way around it.  Communists think they can eliminate “class” and create a homogeneous society.  Libertarians think that everyone can coexist peacefully in a purely cooperative society.

And the reason they are both wrong is that tribal behaviors are emergent.  Put a large enough group of humans together, and they will factionalize.

This is why the strict Constitutionalist arguing against the existence of political parties is pissing into the wind.  It’s why Stalin’s “New Soviet Man” never came to be.  It’s why the modern Progressive movement keeps eating its own.

The brilliance of the Founders was that they knew parties were going to happen, even though they wished fervently against them.  Which is why the government was kept weak.  And it’s why the only form of governance that’s stood the test of time is some form of Constitutional Republic or Constitutional Monarchy.  And when the emergent factions decide to set the Constitutional limits aside, it collapses — as we are seeing in the US now.

You create a form of government that fails to account for human nature at your peril.  You can’t subvert thousands of years of evolution with platitudes and ideology.

On the importance of defeating Malloy

I always talk about chess, how about we play some?

Let’s start with the board set thus: Malloy has won, and the Democrats retain control of the Senate.

Their opening move: get rid of the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners and make Connecticut a strictly may-issue state. No, you won’t be “suitable” either.

What’s our counter-move? Impotent rage?

Their next move: yearly permit renewals, subject to “suitability”.  No, you’re not “suitable” any more.  Because.

And we don’t have to go any further. And within two years of that going in to effect, the number of permits in CT falls through the floor.

Do I have your attention now, fence-sitters?

Science, motherfucker! Do you speak it?

The left is always droning on about how they “love science”. Well, let’s put that to the test, shall we?

Science is, at its core, the search for “how”. Science doesn’t care why, only how.

The Scientific Method works thus:

  1. A thing happens.
  2. The thing is observed.
  3. A hypothesis is formed as to how it happened.
  4. An experiment is created by which the hypothesis may be tested.
  5. A result is reached.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until a statistically significant measurement of the validity of the hypothesis (yes or no) is achieved.

If the result of this method does not support the hypothesis, then the hypothesis is set aside, and you return to step 2 to observe some more.  If the result does support the hypothesis, you ask others to attempt to repeat your results. If they fail, you go back to step 2.

Only once your hypothesis has been confirmed, and your results have been replicated can you begin to claim you have something that rises to the level of theory.

Now that we have the scientific method in a nutshell, let’s tweak it a little for political and social phenomena.

  1. A social ill is identified.
  2. The social ill is discussed and studied.
  3. A policy to correct said social ill is proposed.
  4. Said policy is put into effect and enforced.
  5. A result is obtained.

Now, if that result is the reduction of the social ill, then the policy can be called successful.
If the result carries with it new social ills, or the exacerbation of other existing social ills, then not so much.  This can be chalked up to a poor experimental design, or one that didn’t eliminate enough variables.

And if the result is either no improvement or things get worse, then the policy is a failure.

Where politics departs from science is what happens when the result does not support the policy.

If the response is the further enactment of similar policies, then it can be inferred that the actual desire is not to ameliorate the social ill, but to exacerbate it.

Which brings us around to one of my pet bugaboos — gun control.

Our friends on the left tell us that more gun control, and perhaps even a broad confiscation of private firearms is just the thing to get us to nirvana.  They point to England and Australia as shining examples of how well gun control works to prevent “gun violence”

And when you point out that more people are murdered with guns in both places now than before the gun bans, they change the subject.

I think we can safely assume that the left do not “love science”.  No, they just want meaningless sex.

Why it’s pointless to try to win an argument with a progressive

Win an argument with a progressive on Facebook, get a 12 hour ban.

This is how they work.  They are free to insinuate, accuse, lie, insult, attack, belittle, and harass anyone with impunity.

And when you dare to point out their lies, correct their errors, or destroy their argument, they report you and you get blocked for violating the “community standards” and there’s no appeal process at all.

So from now on, any time a progressive starts with the attacks or lies, it’s reported for hate speech.

No more mister nice guy.

Connecticut – stagnant since 1991 for your convenience.

Forbes asks: “How Did Rich Connecticut Morph Into One Of America’s Worst Performing Economies?

I can answer the question in one word: Democrats.

The people of Connecticut bear 100% of the responsibility for this.  We used to be the precision manufacturing capital of the world.  Until the people of this state elected Democrats.

When the state didn’t recover from the 1991 recession, they elected more Democrats.  When a so-called independent shoved an income tax down our throats, they elected more Democrats.  When the Democrats, tired of his continued vetoes of their millionaire surtax, finally ousted John Rowland, they elected more Democrats.

When Jodi Rell (R) ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility (and won, oddly enough) the people sent enough Democrats to the General Assembly to give them a veto-proof majority.  I wonder why Rell decided not to run again.

And after all that, they elected an imbecile Democrat for Governor who gave them the highest tax increase in CT history.  And having voted for him, they have the gall to complain about taxes.

You people did this to yourselves!  I didn’t vote for any of those clowns in Hartford, YOU DID!  But I’ve gotta suffer for your idiocy.

There is only one way to save Connecticut.  Get rid of ALL the Democrats — including the Republicans like McKinney who vote like them on everything.

Otherwise, we’re going to end up like that other Democrat bastion – Detroit.